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Surplus Postponed Jul 16, 2014July 16 -  Today we met with United management and, after significant discussion, share an understanding to postpone the announced notice of surplus that would be effective for the October 2014 schedule month.
New Beginnings Jul 1, 2014July 1 - Welcome to our new beginning and the first step in our journey toward collective success. Starting from this moment, your MEC leadership and I vow to change the direction and manner in which dialogue and the exchange of thoughts, opinions and ideas take place.
Management Announces Definitive Surplus Plans Jun 27, 2014Jun 27 - Following up on United's initial announcement on May 12, 2014, United management today announced more definitive information on their intent to subject approximately 600 active Flight Attendants to Surplus. 
Surplus Discussions with United Management May 16, 2014May 16 - We met with United management this week to discuss their recently disclosed plans to surplus Flight Attendants from DEN, LAX and ORD. Our focus remains on mitigating the impact of these decisions on our Members and exploring every option to minimize the adverse impact on the lives of those impacted by these decisions.
United Staffing Imbalance Result in Involuntary Surplus May 12, 2014May 12 - This afternoon management has announced their intention to invoke the Surplus provisions as contained in Section 22.J.and K. of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
Reserve Preference System May 8, 2014May 8 - We've all required patience on the implementation of our industry leading Reserve Preference System.  There have been a lot of twists and turns in the road toward implementation. 
New MEC Leaders Set Course For Our Future Apr 27, 2014Apr 27 - This week the United Master Executive Council has elected a new Leadership team to take our Flight Attendant community through the next three years, and with your trust and respect, our community is prepared to move forward.
United 685:You Will Be Missed, But Not Forgotten Apr 1, 2014April 1 - Today, these friends are now apart from us, but they wlll not be forgotten.  We wish them the absolute best and we will never rest until the dispute at the center of the decisions they were forced to make are resolved.  We will not rest until our friends, our flying partners are returned to their rightful place by our side, on the line.
Furlough Mitigation Fight Feb 28, 2014Feb 28 - We will continue our fight to seek a final and binding resolution through the System Board of Adjustment.
Black History Month Feb 7, 2014Jan 7 - February is Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America.  It is an annual observance for remembrance of important people and events in the history of African Americans. 

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