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Dear AFA: July 22, 2014

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Reported by Jeffrey Tonjes

  • United Cancels Flights To and From Israel

  • Transfer Rescind Process for DEN LAX & ORD Flight Attendants
  • Your Rights as an Employee: Fatigue
  • Review: Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP)

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA.  We are a democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants.  Today is Tuesday, July 22, 2014 and this is Jeffrey Tonjes, reporting.  I am a Member of Washington D.C. Council 21 and the United MEC Communication Committee Chairperson, and I stand with, and will help protect, all of my 685 Sisters and Brothers.

United Cancels Flights To and From Israel

Today, United has suspended flights to and from TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) until further notice. United has planned to add an extra section out of TLV (to EWR) today with seats blocked out for the 30 crewmembers that are laying over there at this time, as well as any additional airline employees.

Our AFA MEC Health, Safety and Security Committee along with United's Corporate Security will continue to monitor the situation and we will report news as necessary.

Transfer Rescind Process for DEN, LAX & ORD Flight Attendants

As a reminder, Flight Attendants currently domiciled at DEN, LAX & ORD who were awarded transfers on July 3 &17, 2014 who have not yet accepted these transfers may elect to decline their transfer and remain at their current domicile of DEN, LAX or ORD.  These individuals may reject the awarded transfer via TRNREQ/File number by noon Central Time on July 24, 2014.

For those Flight Attendants who have been awarded & accepted a transfer, you may rescind your transfer by noon Central Time on July 24, 2013 using the following process:

  • From your corporate e-mail address at united.com send an e-mail to rebalance@united.com
  • Include your name and file number
  • Include a statement expressing your desire to "rescind" your transfer.  A written statement is required.

Requests to rescind your transfer sent to rebalance@united.com will be acknowledged via e-mail.  Please be patient as there is significant e-mail activity at this e-mail address.
Should you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

Your Rights as an Employee: Fatigue

When you become an employee of United Airlines, you are entitled to certain basic human rights.  Below is Your Rights as an Employee when it pertains to fatigue.

The company has stated that any Flight Attendant who says they are unable to continue on a flight because of fatigue will be relieved from duty. Of course, the Flight Attendant may be called upon to explain the reasons why they were fatigued and may be required to visit a medical facility designated by the company. If you are ever in this situation and a company official denies that you may be relieved from duty, quote the following language to him/her from System Board Case MEC 2-74. Mr. Ed Westervelt, while Staff Representative of Industrial Relations, stated: "The company will not require a Flight Attendant to continue duty at any point, in that duty period, if a Flight Attendant says that `I am too fatigued to continue.' That is, notwithstanding the Flight Attendant having been on duty six hours, two hours, eighteen hours, or whatever such period." (Page 105, transcript of MEC Grievance 2-74).

Despite the company's stated position, individual situations may arise in which management may directly order the Flight Attendant to continue the trip (see Insubordination). You must continue the trip unless your health and safety or that of the crew or passengers will be immediately jeopardized if you continue to work the flight.

For more of Your Rights as an Employee download our resource guide on our website.

Review: Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP)

The Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP), formerly known as OSAP, has proven to be one of the most effective safety tools we have.  The program fosters a voluntary, cooperative, non-punitive environment for the open reporting of safety concerns that can include but is not limited to:

  • Unsafe or detrimental policy's or procedures
  • Inadvertent FAR violations
  • Incorrect FAOM information
  • Safety concerns that are related to our job, duties of our job or tools used in our job as a Flight Attendant

The primary purpose of the program is to identify safety events, and to implement corrective measures that reduce the opportunity for safety to be compromised. ISAP is not a tool for anyone who has intentionally shown a disregard to safety practices. Any intentional falsification or criminal activity will also deem your report unaccepted.  Reports involving drugs, controlled substances or alcohol are not accepted into the ISAP program and should be referred to AFA EAP/Professional Standards.  

The ISAP Program addresses when you should file an ISAP report as follows:

When a Flight Attendant has or thinks she/he has:

  • Identified a potential safety hazard while at work
  • Inadvertently violated an FAR
  • Inadvertently violated a safety policy or procedure
  • Failed to follow safety guidance in the FAOM
  • Or, when you question if a policy or procedure is in the best interest of safety.

What should I include in my ISAP report:

  • A completely filled in report with the AFA box checked
  • A detailed factual description of the event or concern
  • Any questions you may have or clarifications you seek – directly asked in the body of your report
  • Why and/or how you can attribute to the cause of your safety item

What to expect from my ISAP

  • A possible phone call from either the program administrator, an ERC Member or NASA:
    • For more information and/or to clarify information you provided
    • To answer your question(s)
    • Or to add data into a nationwide database to drive or support change
  • A reply from the Event Review Committee (ERC) and/or from any other subject matter experts. 

ISAP is just one way for you to be heard on all safety issues. To file an ISAP navigate to our Safety section through the United MEC Website (www.unitedafa.org) then to the reports area and select ISAP. You will need to login to United's Flying Together website to access the ISAP program. Please be aware that the time-out for the ISAP reporting system is 30 minutes. Please make sure you SAVE at least once every 30 minutes.

That's all for tonight and thank you for calling.  Through strength and solidarity, we will continue building our collective future.  After all, it's our future.

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